Nothing Tastes

As Good As

Healthy Feels

We are 100% organic, all natural, salad and juice bar.

After many years of following a healthy organic lifestyle, I realised how much I wanted to help and inspire as many people as possible to reach a radiant, healthy, and nourishing lifestyle. Due to the lack of organic health bars in Montreal and my passion to make healthy eating more accessible to everyone, Green Glow was created. We are committed to providing only exceptional and fresh organic products, with the highest quality fruits and vegetables available. Our products are designed to integrate nutrient-dense foods into your daily routine instead of highly processed and nutrient-deficient foods. Our juices are 100% organic, cold-pressed, and unpasteurized. We refuse to use any seed oils, additives, artificial flavours or refined sugars; exactly the way nature intended. To us, this is the ultimate and natural path to wellness.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the most powerful medicines. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

With love,
Elisabetta Ercole

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Eating healthy has never been this easy and tasty! We offer cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, salads, smoothies and so much more.
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Cold-Pressed Juices

Incorporating high quality organic cold-pressed juices into your lifestyle can have many health benefits, especially when they are unpasteurized and in glass bottles.

Some benefits include improving digestion, help detoxify the body, boosts immunity, promotes weight loss, and extremely high in nutrients.


Smoothies are a good way to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, they can act as a meal replacement, help increase your fiber intake, help control cravings and so much more.

Fresh, delicious, healthy and convenient option for anyone and everyone.


Drinking wellness shots can improve gut health, boost energy, detox, anti-inflammatory, support fat burning, boost immunity, support glowing skin, muscle replenishment and basically support every bodily function.


For optimal health, meals should be made up of mostly vegetables. Eating salad every day is an amazing and easy habit to get into. Salads made with a variety of fruits and vegetables make the perfect healthy lunch or even dinner. They’re filled with tons of nutrients that benefit your body.

At Green Glow, we do the work so you don’t have to.


The perfect breakfast, snack or dessert without any guilt!

Our bowls are not just colourful and pretty but they also taste fantastic with their variety of flavours and goodness of crunchy topping


Everyones favourite on the go snacks for a busy lifestyle. They are full of nutrients and high in protein. This helps to support lean muscle mass, provides an energy booster, and aids with weight control. We refuse to use anything but the healthiest of ingredients.

Getting all the right nutrients your body craves when it gets hungry, which helps keep you content, curbs your hunger and satisfies your sweet tooth!

Glow from the
inside out

We strive to offer the best possible ingredients that will fuel your mind, body and soul. Your healthy lifestyle starts here.

Compared to other methods of juice extraction, cold-pressed juice has a higher nutritional content, more vitamins, more minerals, more enzymes and more amino acids.

Without the presence of pesticides, fields would be greener in every way. Our soils would be healthier and our environment would be safer for humans, wildlife and plants trying to thrive. That’s why we choose organic.

The consumption of these genetically modified foods can have harmful effects on the body and cause the development of diseases. This is the reason why we only use 100% organic and Non-GMO.

Everything we create is 100% organic and sourced from the best suppliers we can find.

Pasteurization is the process of heating a liquid for the purpose of killing microbial bacteria. Unfortunately, pasteurization also kills healthy enzymes that are essential for our digestion and overall vitality. Green Glow offers juices that are only unpasteurized! The goal is to provide our community with ALL of the health benefits that fresh juice can offer.

Seed oils and vegetables oils are extremely inflammatory, damaging to the gut, and contain undesirable components. Green Glow only uses organic extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.